Booths Decorators Summer League 2010

Those of you who attended the AGM will be aware that I h ad made provisional plans for us to host the first Booth Decorators Summer League Race on April 20th. As I have now been successful in obtaining all of the required permissions and have also received the UKA licence, this fixture will definitely now be going ahead from the Denby Pottery Visitor Centre.

As I mentioned at club training on Tuesday, I am now looking for volunteers to cover the marshal points and the finish line tasks. In addition, I will also need a small team to help with course set up duties etc. prior to the race. Requirements are as follows…

9 course marshals

1 timekeeper

1 race recorder

1 disc controller

1 water station operative

2 first aiders

+ approx. 5/6 people for the course set up (who could be from the above) .

Volunteers confirmed so far are…Rob Pearce/Geoff Stone/Maddy Salter/Theresa Hempsall/Julie Hamilton (+Paul?)/ Becky Poyser/ Roger Arris-Pratt/ Ian Hays. (PLEASE WOULD YOU LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE).

Those of you who have been around long enough to remember the Denby races that we hosted a few years ago will recall that the course was based on the same side of the main road as the Pottery site. The initial section of that course had to be routed along a cycle way at the edge of the road, and also crossed a couple of minor roads. Due to the increased numbers now participating in BDL Summer League races, this course is no longer suitable. In addition, part of the old course is not accessible, due to a landowner blocking off one of the footpaths previously used.

The new course is an out and back route on pavements and incorporates a 2-lap off-road bridleway loop on the land between Street Lane and Derby Road. Since I finalised the course in October last year, a 250m s ection of the off-road loop has been badly affected by the severe winter weather. This deterioration almost put the fixture in jeopardy due to the resulting increased risk. However, having consulted with fellow club officials last month, the league were still very kee n to go ahead with this new venue (rather than revert back to the over-used Shipley Park!). To reduce the risk on that particular downhill se ction, I have since reversed the direction of the loop. This now means that runners will be going uphill along that part; which is far safer than trying to negotiate the uneven ground when travelling downhill at speed. (Please note that the mile markers on the middle section of the attached course map relate to the original anticlockwise direction).


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