County, Regional and National Cross-Country Championships

County, Regional and National Cross-Country Championships


To all Harriers,

Each year I receive the details and entry forms for the three key cross-country championships (county, regional and national). Having received the final set of details and forms relating to the National Championships recently, I am now in a position to advise you of the information and entry processes for all three events in one go. This will hopefully help with planning your season and save me bombarding you with three separate e-mails!

Those who have contested these events in previous years can recommend them as a fantastic experience. It’s great to be able to run in these events, while also watching the top runners in action in the various categories. There are also medals for each of the age group categories; and representational honours are at stake…e.g. top placing Derbyshire runners in the combined Derby’s/Notts County Championships will be selected for the televised Inter-Counties/World Trials event, which takes place in March 2011. A number of our runners have excelled themselves and been selected for the Derbyshire team in previous years. So, why not set yourself a challenge by entering for one or more of these major events this cross-country season? I’m sure that we can continue to raise Belper Harriers’ profile through having even more of our members running in these events in 2011!

Please note that although these are essentially individual championships, they also incorporate team competitions. Hopefully, we will be able to register full men’s and ladies teams in all three events – if there are enough individual entrants to do so!

I have listed the relevant details, including the closing dates, below. Please note that the entry methods vary… runners enter individually for the County event, while Club Secretaries must complete the club entries for the men’s and women’s races for the Northerns and the Nationals. Therefore, if you would like to run in either of those two events, please e-mail me by the dates shown below. Although I have the DOBs for most members, please confirm this in your e-mail to allow me to cross check. Please also confirm your age if you are in the masters categories (35 and over for ladies/ 40 and over for men).

1) Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire Cross Country Championships
Venue: Wollaton Park, Nottingham
Date: Sat. Jan. 8th 2011
Mens race: 10K at 12.35pm
Ladies race: 8K at 11-55am
Under 17 boy’s: 6K at 11:30am.
Entry fee: £6 each (payable directly to organisers – see attached form). The fee includes a programme.
Team competition: 5 to score in the Senior Mens race; 4 to score in Masters Mens (combined race); 3 to score in the Senior Womens and Masters Womens race (combined race).
(Only First Claim members count in the team competition).
Closing date: Friday 10th December
Individual runners to post entry form to arrive by above date.

2) Northern Athletics Cross Country Championships
Venue: Herrington Country Park, Sunderland
Date: Sat. Jan. 29th 2011
Mens race: 12K at 3-05pm
Ladies race: 8.2K at 2-15pm
Under 17 boys: 6K at 12-05pm
Entry fee: £5 each (£4 for U17 race) – payable by cheque to Belper Harriers. Pass on to Steve asap.
Team competition: 6 to score in the Senior Mens race; 4 to score in all other races.
(Entries from First Claim members only).
Closing date: Fri. 7th January
E- Mail Steve by: Fri 24th December latest

3) Saucony National Cross Country Championships
Venue: Alton Towers, Staffordshire
Date: Sat. Feb. 19th 2011
Mens race: 12K at 3-00pm
Ladies race: 8K at 2-20pm
Under 17 boys: 6K at 12-35pm
Entry fee: £6 each (payable by cheque to Belper Harriers) – Pass on to Steve asap.
Team competition: 6 to score in the mens race and 4 to score in the womens race. (TBC)
(Entries from First Claim members only).
Closing date: Wed. 5th January
E- Mail Steve by: Fri 24th December latest

Transport arrangements for each event will be communicated at a later date.


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