X-Country Fixtures

X-Country Fixtures 2011-12   Booth Decorators League Sunday 16th October Shipley Park Visitors Centre 11.00 Sunday 13th November Chaddesden Park 11.00* Sunday 4th December Trent Meadow 11.00 Sunday 15th January Shipley Cricket Club 11.00 Sunday 12th February Holmebrook Park Newbold Chesterfield 11.00 *Remberance Sunday The distance for these races is between four and five milesContinue reading “X-Country Fixtures”

BDL Race Report : Shipley and League Round Up

Malcs race report from August…. Re-count put Ladies back in Third The final race in the Booth Decorators Summer League finished in extremely warm conditions for the 247 runners from the eleven clubs involved. Going into the final race, after the earlier four races, the club would have needed some extremely strong running and moreContinue reading “BDL Race Report : Shipley and League Round Up”