10k Handicap Report

In near freezing temperatures and a cold icy wind blowing along the A6 corridor, the thirty Harriers running in the last 10k Handicap of 2011 gave some excellent times and a near course record. The winner of the evening was new recruit Paul Bradley, recording a time of 54mins 20secs but the fastest time belonged to Dale Annable. Dale just flew along the out and back course to record a time of 34mins 22secs. This broke his own personal best for the course by nearly a minute and he was only 16 seconds away from the course record. Well done Dale and on a warmer evening with less wind who knows?

There were many other good performances with all the runners except two running off their estimated Handicap times. All the results from all three Handicaps can now be viewed on the website.

Thanks to Ian for helping with the recording and Tom for his prompt entry of the results while it was good to get into the Devonshire for a pint and something to eat. Thanks Steve.
-Malc Weir.

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