January 10k Handicap Report

10k Handicap

On another minus temperature evening on the A6, twenty-four runners took part in the January 10k Handicap.  There were also three other runners just out for a steady run. Out of the twenty-four, Andy Basey and Simon Lloyds did not run off their Handicap times but the remainder ran off their estimated times.  The fastest time of the evening went to Tim Hollings in 36mins 11secs while Andy Rose in great form at the moment ran his first sub-40 minute 10k in 39mins 47secs.
Our first runner back was for the second successive month was Paul Bradley, followed by Jane Armoush.  There were three runners making their handicap debuts Jenny Corden, Steve Groves and Tim Bournsell who would all be pleased with their performances.
Thanks to Theresa Hempsall and Geoff Stone for their help and Tom Jackson with his prompt return of the results.

Next Tuesday the 24th January we will be at the Leisure Centre for a regular run for a 7.30pm start.

The following Tuesday 31st January due to the Annual General Meeting a 50 minute run starting at 6.15pm from the Leisure Centre.


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