Seasonal Training / Cross Countries and Happy Christmas!

Seasonal Training As Christmas and New Years Day both fall on a Tuesday this year, the club will not be meeting again on a Tuesday evening until January 8th. As this seems to be a long time without a group training session, we have arranged three training runs over the Christmas Period which are openContinue reading “Seasonal Training / Cross Countries and Happy Christmas!”

Froggatt & Longshaw this Sat pm & Xmas Runs

There’s a few of us leaving the Triangle at 1pm this Saturday. Start running from Calver at 1:45. Last section might be in the dark so perhaps throw a torch in. Room for 5 of us in Alan’s car. Let me know if interested. Also, there was quite a few ideas thrown up at lastContinue reading “Froggatt & Longshaw this Sat pm & Xmas Runs”