Handicap / Club Championship / Dates

Impressive Times in Handicap
The British weather relented slightly for the March Handicap to go ahead. On Monday afternoon the chances of holding the Handicap looked remote but with a bit of sunshine on Tuesday, the pavements were clear of snow and ice for the evening.

It was nevertheless bitterly cold but 23 runners turned up at the Mill with 20 running for a time in the Handicap. There were some very impressive times posted with Dave Cooper winning and bettering last months time by an enormous 3mins 41secs. Well done Dave and the presentations of the Handicap Trophy will be done in due course.

There were good personal bests for Jack Dakin, Tom Jackson,  Andy Watson, Tim Boursnell, Andy Foulks and Rob Lamb.

Well done to all the runners and to Steve Meath and his staff for their welcome at the Devonshire.

Club Championship
On Monday April 1st the club will be starting its Club Championship, running through to March 31st 2014. All club members will be automatically in the competition as soon as they run a race. Any new members joining over the course of the year will be involved once they run a race.
There are various categories from one mile, 5k, 10k, Training Handicaps, Fell Races, Local Races, Distance Races and BDL races both road and cross-country.

Dave Horton has devised the Club Championship and he has complied the following:

”In order to encourage a friendly competitive spirit, and involvement in a wide selection of local races, we have devised a new Club Championship. There are a full range of events over different disciplines and distances. Points are awarded according to your race time with respect to the winner’s time, and then a fiddle-factor is applied to take account of the runner’s age and gender. Additional points are awarded just for competing in a qualifying race, and also officiating (this might be organizing, timing, marshaling, or providing post-race leg massages!) There are also bonuses for competing in any five of the league cross county races. This way anyone who is active in racing has the opportunity of winning the Championship.
We recommend that you download a copy of the form which will be posted on the website at a later date, so that you can keep your own record of progress. However, we will also keep a centralised record, and for this we need your assistance. Please email any results, together with the winner’s time and the event name to belperharrierschamp@hotmail.co.uk.
The only field that you need to enter are the green ones. Add in the race time and race names where applicable, and give yourself the “officiating points” where you think that you deserve them. Everything else calculates automatically once you’ve entered your name, age, and gender.
The Championship runs from 1st April until 31st March 2014.
 As this is the first year of the new format, we expect there to be quirks in the scoring, and we may well need to adjust it for next year. In the meantime we welcome any comments that will help us to develop the idea. We realize that there are many events that could be included, but we wanted to keep the list reasonably compact for now.
The aim is for this to be light-hearted fun, with the added bonus of encouraging involvement and sporting ambition.”
At the end of the twelve month period the winner and runners-up will receive some form of recognition for their efforts, so I hope that all the members of the club will give it a ‘go’ and try for the crown of Club Champion of Belper Harriers.  Good Luck.

Running Dates for April
Tuesday April 2nd Belper Leisure Centre.
Tuesday April 9th Belper Leisure Centre.
Tuesday April 16th BDL League Race at Teversal 7.30pm: Those who wish to share transport meet at the Leisure Centre 6.20pm.
Tuesday April 23rd 1st Summer Special: Details later. Volunteers still needed for later Specials.
Tuesday April 30th Belper Leisure Centre.
Normally at this time of the year, once the clocks have moved forward we start doing some training off-road. This winter has been abnormally wet with very little dry periods but we live in hope that there may be the opportunity to take to the paths from the Leisure Centre. Do not turn up on a Tuesday evening in brand new trainers, just in case we do have a stretch off-road.

Thanks Malc