Belper Harriers get PB’s !

Saul and me have just had an absolutely epic weekend in Yorkshire with both of us running PB’s. None of this 40 minute namby pamby 10k malarcky tho – 13h30 and 12h24!!!
Read all about our 2013 Fellsman here. Oh and we may not be down on Tuesday night !

5 thoughts on “Belper Harriers get PB’s !

  1. Sounds like glorified rambling to me! I noticed a certain Mr Weir skipping round the 10k in just over 30 mins – proper running

  2. Although i couldn’t possibly take anything away from both of your amazing achievements for such a tough race, i’m disappointed that you chose to supplement your own achievement by belittling that of other Club members.
    Try to remember that The Belper Harriers are a very mixed group of individuals, each with their own set of abilities and achievements.
    So what may appear as a “Namby Pamby 10k” to some, does in fact represent years of hard work and training for others.
    just sayin’

  3. Nothing derogatory was meant at all Tim. A PB is a PB, no matter what the distance. Don’t read anything bad into it – that’s just not me.

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