Summer Specials


First of all a big thanks to Simon and Simon for hosting last nights Summer Special run around the Worksworth area which ending at the Malt Shovel for some well earned refreshments. If anyone would be interested in organising a run the following dates still need filling, June 18th and August 20th. and also please note that Andy (Basey) is looking for someone to help him on his run in July (16th.) which will be in the Bonsall or Birchover area TBC.


5 thoughts on “Summer Specials

  1. I can help Andy Basey if required- I know the area fairly well and am happy to take the slower group.

  2. Andy I can give you a hand with July Special if you still need it. Give me a call on 07411 370572

  3. Rob,
    Andy (Basey) suggests you contact direct so that he will have your email address and he will give you more details re. the route etc.



  4. Simon,
    Andy (Basey) suggests that you contact him by email (not right that I should give someone else your email address ?)
    Having said that Andy’s email is


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