BDL Race Report

An Eventful Evening at Denby

The runners were all ready and waiting behind the start tape with two minutes to go for the start of the third Booth Decorators League Race when a message comes through that we cannot start the race. There right on the main road where the runners would have come charging along, a young five week old baby girl has been taken ill. The little girl had been brought along by her parents to the race where her father Richard was going to run for Sutton Harriers. Andy Dakin who was the marshal at the nearest point phones for the paramedics while other members from the Harriers who are medical professionals rush over to offer their assistance.

The decision has to be made to re-route the race, off the main road where all this is happening and with the help of Tim Hollings on his cycle, leads the runners through  a woodland path, across a clearing and through a small farm back to the original route. This made the course that bit shorter but at least the race did get going albeit twenty or more minutes late.

Eventually an ambulance arrives and takes the parents and baby to the Kings Mill Hospital at Mansfield.

The patience and tolerance shown by all the runners on the start line, particularly when not fully knowing what was happening has to be congratulated. I am sure everyone will join with me to send their best wishes to the concerned parents, Richard Robinson and his wife/partner that their baby daughter has a quick and complete recovery.

After all this happening the race itself showed a strong contingent of Harriers, 34 as actual finishers, while thirteen years old Jamie Clark and Steph Ilsley whose registration has not been completed ran but did not take the finishing line. On the night the club came third in the men’s, third in the ladies and second in the combined team. This is the best so far this season and after three races the men are fourth, the ladies sixth and the combined team sixth. There are two more races to go and there is a sniff of silverware in the air, it certainly would be nice.

Of the individual performances Ben O’Connell was the first Harrier home in sixth place, an excellent run by Ben. Ed James was our second finisher, just out of the top ten in eleventh place while Sharon Mellors lead the ladies team of eight ladies home, finishing in 80th position.

Once again we had a number of runners making their debuts for the club, Annie Bell, Alison Jennison, Nicola Brown, Katherine Gunn and Andy Marsden.

The other runners who represented the club were Jack Dakin, Alan Billington, Robin Clegg, Andy Rose, Saul Taylor, Shaun Ollier, Dave Horton, Simon Edwards, Paul Marval, Craig Allen, Myles Mourby, Sam Horton, Ian Hays, Amer Armoush, Steve Meath, Theresa Hempsall, Tim Boursnell, Simon Hackett, Andy Nash, Rob Pearce, Jane Armoush, Dan Clark, Ian Hill, Rosemary Arris, Martin Collins and Rob Terry.

We must not forget the marshals who waited wondering why they had no runners, who volunteered their time and unfortunately some I did not have the opportunity to thank on the evening.

Thanks to Denby Pottery for giving the league permission to use the car park and toilets and to Deb Products for their interest and support.
Once again thanks to everyone who had an input on the evening and for once the sun was shining and it was warm.

Next Tuesday June 18th is a Special at Riddings see Geoff Stones article for more information.

Derwent River Relays June 29th.
Any publicity of this event will be helpful, the more teams we receive the better the event.


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