BDL Race – Shipley Park Cricket Club

BDL Race – Shipley Park Cricket Club

This Tuesday August 6th at Shipley Cricket Club, Shipley Park sees the final race of the summer season. The club is still in with a chance of picking up a trophy and certain members also have the opportunity of winning a trophy from their age categories.

A good turnout of members would improve our chances in the team events with the course being ideal for any member who has never raced in the BDL. The distance is approximately 4.5 to 5 miles over two laps.

If any member has a spare running vest, I would be most grateful if you could bring it with you for any of our new runners who have not got one.

[Directions :Turn right at the ‘The Field’ sign post if comming from Heanor on the A6007, Google Maps: ].

Thanks. See you on the start line at 7.30pm.


3 thoughts on “BDL Race – Shipley Park Cricket Club

  1. Hi, I intend on coming along tonight, I haven’t taken part in this race series before so would need a vest, can anyone help me out? Let me know, Malc feel free to give me a text on 07455921990, I don’t know how to get in touch with anyone from the club, thanks, Gemma (the northern one!)

  2. Hi Gemma,
    I’ve got a spare blokes top that I’ll bring – just throw it over your usual running top. Otherwise Malc may have some spares…
    -Simon H.

  3. Ahhh cheers mate, super that will do just nicely, see you all at 19:15ish 🙂

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