Winter Training and other Club News

Winter Training
The dark evenings are unfortunately upon us reducing our options for training. Once again we have arranged for the 10k Handicaps to take place once a month starting in October.

As a new venture we are going to have a Winter Special, date as yet to be confirmed and a torchlight off-road road run for those who wish for something a bit different. There will still be a normal run with both runs starting from the Leisure Centre.

On Thursday evenings once a month we have arranged to share the facilities at Ilkeston track with Amber Valley Athletic Club. These start this month with the cost being £1.50 per person paid to Amber Valley and we will be able to start on the track at 7.15pm. From what they have said their numbers are small, just having a few sprinters and jumpers using the facilities.

If anyone has any other ideas for training which would be compatable for the club I would be pleased to hear.

Track Dates:
Thursdays:  26th September    24th October    21st November    19th December.

10k Handicap Dates:
Tuesdays: 8th October    5th November    10th December.
All these dates will be included in the Diary of the Website.

Summer Specials
The final Special finished last Tuesday, in the dark at the Hilltop pub with another good turnout of runners. We have had a good season of five Specials throughout the summer with some excellent routes and friendly pubs. The only exception being the August date when unfortunately nobody volunteed, so this summer we were one Special down.
Thanks must go to Geoff Stone who coordinated the Specials and also to those members who organised and helped on the particular evenings.

BDL Summer League Prizewinners
We do not usually have too many winners from the League Races but this year we do have two ladies who have won their age catorgories. Theresa Hempsall once again won her age group and she will be joined by Jane Armoush having won her catorgory. Well done to both Theresa and Jane who were also regular members of the ladies team which came third in this years summer league.

There will be a meeting after training on Tuesday September 24th in the Leisure Centre Bar. The subject of the meeting will be the Derwent River Relays of 2013 and the future of the event in 2014. All members will be welcome to attend and to express their views.

This Friday Andy Dakin will be marrying Sharon and I am sure you willl all join with me wishing Andy and Sharon a wonderful day and best wishes for the many years ahead.


One thought on “Winter Training and other Club News

  1. Can we please do a Tempo Surge one night? A certain distamce, about 3-6 miles depending on the speed groups, runming from the back to the fronr
    I used to do these with my club in Newcastle.but I really miss it, it would be great if we could do this as part of our runs 🙂

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