A plea for pacing information…

Hi Harriers
I have had a very sensible request from one of our newer members- if you are posting about a run you plan to do and are inviting other members to join can you give an indication of the pace of the run in rough minutes/mile?

Our newer runners don’t know all the old hands so can’t judge what the pace will be- an Alan B “easy” run would be equivalent to my “hard, ouch this hurts!” run!!
Hope you can add this to your posts folks

One thought on “A plea for pacing information…

  1. Interesting and a very valid request. However, the pace today was 11min/mile pace. Sound slow doesn’t it. Sadly, when running off road especially in winter, pace don’t mean that much. We went up and down some bloomin slippy sloshy stuff this morning. We were running up and down streams. Some points we’d have been lucky if the stuff we were running through was mud !! We were stopping at stiles to admire the view (well, Andy was !). We were barely on road and it was certainly never flat, hence you will never see a pace figure on my runs. I only run in mins and hours, never even considering pace. Alternatively, I’m happy to put 11min/mile on my next offroad run if it helps ! Seriously though, a valid point raised, but one I can’t answer. Until I started logging stuff with Strava, I didn’t have a clue whether I was running at 5, 10 or 15 min mile pace as offroad it’s a meaningless figure.

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