The Big Sunday Run

This weekend is my longest long sunday run with an aim of doing atleast 20 miles possibly 22 , any company for any of it will be much appreciated ………..

I’ll leave the triangle at 9am , head down the A6 and should reach the hurt arms approx. 9.25 , then i’ll get onto the canal towpath and run towards cromford , high peak junction should be about 10.15am (6.7 miles) , then onto the end of the canal (8 miles) about 10.30 , then head back onto the A6 and head towards matlock , the turn around point should be the Boat house pub just before matlock, i’ll aim to be there approx. 11.00am , turn around and get back to the start of the canal for 11.30 ( 13 miles ) then back to high peak junction ( 14 miles ) at 11.40 ish then back along the canal and get back to hurt arms approx. 12.30 (18 miles) then back to the triangle for approx. 1pm.

Anyone who would like to do a section that involves leaving cars I,e end of canal or matlock I can drop you back at your cars afterwards or as Richard suggested last week the trains run along all of the route 🙂

If you are coming along please text me to let me know so I know to wait for you 07717175482


p.s as you can see from the timings I’m not aiming to go fast at this stage of the training prob about 11.30 ish min  miles it’s all about the 20 miles in the bank 🙂

One thought on “The Big Sunday Run

  1. Hi Clare, You’re getting some huge mileages in now. I’ll happily join you on Sunday but I’m afraid it will only be for about 3 miles. It’ll be my first run since I injured my hamstring.I was thinking of joining you at the Derwent Hotel at Whatstandwell on your outward leg, doing the three miles and then walking back to my car. Have you already got company for that stretch? I can make it somewhere else if you have. CheersJohn

    Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 19:37:49 +0000 To:

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