Who’s up for a Hairy Helmet?!?

Friday 20th June       7pm         Darley Park       4 x 2 mile relay      £21 per team

We missed out on this great event last year because we didn’t get our act together!!!

We won’t let that happen again – I have reserved 4 teams but need to know who’s up for a spot of helmet ASAP!!

Let me know if you fancy being in a team – please reply to this post or email or text me your name and age (for race categories) and i’ll put the teams together. Alternatively sort a team, give it a name and i’ll enter it for you.

Any ideas for interesting names – this event has a prize for the most creative!!

Want to know more ….. www.hairyhelmetrelay.co.uk/


the5hempsalls@btinternet.com        07910 246 006       Thanks guys xxx



6 thoughts on “Who’s up for a Hairy Helmet?!?

  1. Oh that’s a shame Alan.
    Are you around a week later – 28th for our DRR’s?
    Spoke about you yesterday with Phil – the ‘cafe2U’ guy – he’s bringing his coffee along to the relays!

  2. Theresa,

    Can you fit me and Sam into a team please?

    Team names? Hairier Helmet, Waxed Helmet.

    Thanks, David

  3. You’re on the list Andy; Sam and David – thanks x

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