Summer Special

Please note the following information regarding the next Summer Special on the 19th August which will be lead by Richard (Mayne)
The start will be from the Horse and Jockey, Wessington, DE55 6DW

Richard states that the run will be a shortish (4 – 4.5 mile) run, on and off road. It’s a little shorter because a) the pub doesn’t want to food too late and b) there’s quite a lot of ascent involved. But the views are spectacular! There will be a longer run for the elite runners, but I’m still working out the extra loop.
Conditions were quite boggy underfoot in places, but Richard is hoping it will have dried out by next week.
Richard is requesting the loan of a petrol or battery strimmer over the weekend ‘cos there’s one bit in particular that’s more jungle than footpath!
Please contact Richard on if you can help, it would be very appreciated.

Food afterwards will be sandwiches and chips at £3/4.


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