Measurement of your VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Testing

Hi folks – request in from Becky at NTU – may interest some people ? "Hi everyone, I am a PhD student looking for trained male endurance runners/athletes (aged 18 – 40) such as yourselves to take part in my research. I am investigating the skeleton’s response to an exhaustive run, with the aim toContinue reading “Measurement of your VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Testing”

Running Through The Night – Next Friday 24th

Hi folks, Saul and me will be doing some night running next Friday night through the night leaving Belper 23:30. Ideal opportunity to at least do part of the route with us and get back in time for a bit of kip before Breakfast. We’ll finish late morning. Here’s a link to the route. reading “Running Through The Night – Next Friday 24th”

The Early Off-road Sunday Run Returns too!

Well, the autumn weather is clearly getting most of us committed to winter training. Start as u mean to go on! There will be a number of runners doing an off-road 7am Sunday morning run too, typically 2-3h. Most of this group are hopeless at communication and have not even heard of social media soContinue reading “The Early Off-road Sunday Run Returns too!”

Being stuck at work I can’t get access to some people dates of Birth , others I haven’t got any info on at all , I’ve been asked for dates of birth for the following people who took part in the BDL X country this weekend , can you please email me at withContinue reading