Weekends Races

Weekends Races
This Sunday morning at Shipley Park (Visitors Centre) the first Booth Decorators Cross-country race takes place at 11am.

For any of our new members who wish to run you will be most welcome. The course is over parkland and approximately between four and five miles long. The only condition to running is to wear the Belper Harriers vest. I have a number of spare ones which may be borrowed. At the finish of the race you are handed a disc with your position on which goes to a Harriers member who fills the team members positions in.

Over the years we have had a good turnout in these races but we always like to see as large a number of Harriers as possible. Shipley Park is ideal for children, so if the weather is reasonable bring the family down as any support is most appreciated.

Footwear for the race is obviously dependent on the weather. This week has been wet but by and large, off-road shoes would be suitable or old trainers. If you have spikes bring them with you and ask anyone who knows the course if they are suitable.

The small tent will be put up for leaving baggage in around the start area.

If you cannot run on Sunday but wish to run on Saturday at Markeaton Park the first race in the North Midlands Cross-country League takes place. There are separate races for men and women. The women’s race starts at 13.25 and is 6k long while the men’s race starts at 13.55 and is 10k long. Once again club vests must be worn.

Club Constitution
The club now has a Club Constitution, i.e. club rules which Simon Hackett will be putting on the club website in the near future. Geoff Stone did the groundwork for them and were passed by the committee. There is nothing controversial but have a read and if anyone feels there needs to be an amendment, this can be sorted at the next AGM.

Club Clothing
There has been a number of enquires regarding club clothing which we will pursue in the next few weeks.


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