Measurement of your VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold Testing

Hi folks – request in from Becky at NTU – may interest some people ?

"Hi everyone,
I am a PhD student looking for trained male endurance runners/athletes (aged 18 – 40) such as yourselves to take part in my research. I am investigating the skeleton’s response to an exhaustive run, with the aim to reduce the incidence of stress fracture injury in endurance athletes (which you may know is very common in these athletes) via a nutritional intervention, the first one being a carbohydrate and protein recovery drink.

The study will involve a VO2max and lactate threshold test, 3 main trials which will last approximately 6 hours in total and then a quick follow up blood sample the morning after each of these trials. (NB. all trials will involve blood sampling).

Although for ethical reasons I cannot offer any financial incentive for taking part in the study, you will get your VO2max and lactate threshold test results, information regarding your skeleton’s response to running, how likely you may be to suffer bone injuries and how you might prevent this, and there may be chance of a free DXA scan (Gold Standard body composition and bone measurements).

The research is funded by The English Institute of Sport, so all recovery drinks are batch tested and are therefore safe for consumption by top level athletes.

If you would like any more information about the study or would like to ask any questions please contact me at becky.townsend or 07544046156. Thanks very much, Becky."

I have also attached a flyer that just has a bit more info on it.
Thanks very much,

Recruitment flyer.docx

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