Limerick Marathon Review

Hi All
Having now just completed my two marathons in 8 days challenge I thought I’d let you know my time- 3:56:06, I’m thrilled with this after last week’s 3:49 at London.

Chris Jordan has put a great review of London on Facebook- well worth a read. For my part I can recommend Limerick highly. It has a choice of full, half or 10k and is really friendly. The course is nicely varied, including an impressive city centre, open countryside, leafy suburbs and the university campus.

I was feeling strong early on, running with the 3:45 pacer and chatting to a few fellow runners as you do. We started in bright warm sun but at mile 8 we had some traditional Irish rain for a few miles. The course crossed and recrossed the City, with good support from the locals- as friendly a bunch as you could meet. I was surprised by a few hills but nothing of Belper standard.

Life got tough about 21 miles as the stresses of London started to tell, I dropped off the pace but held it together round the last few miles/light years (I am sure Irish miles are longer!)

A great finish in the heart of the city having crossed the Shannon made me pick up to a faster hobble and I was thrilled to duck under 4 hours again.

Highly recommend this race- make a long weekend of it as there’s loads to do.


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