Next Tuesday Club run – Handicap 5 mile

Hi Harriers ,

There has been a fair bit of interest in getting the Handicap nights back so ……….

This coming Tuesday October 6th will be the first 5 mile Hanicap , Rob and I think it would be best to start this from scratch with quite a few new members and changes in members etc

For those who haven’t done these before , we will meet in the car park at Mill ( front car park river gardens entrance ) at 7.15 -7.30 i.e normal time and set of in groups pace with the aim of people all finishing at roughly the same time. This does mean that the slower runners set off first ( i.e handicap advantage ) and the fastest runners set off last.

This first month there will be no direct winner as it should really be the most improved performance and for many its just a good way of judging your own improvement.

I will need at least 3 other volunteers to help me do it as I’ve never done the admin / time keeping side of things before so if you have done it in the past and can help that would be great , otherwise any club members who are injured or recovering from a race or just willing to help out please let me know – if we don’t have enough helper we cant do it ……….

The route will be along the A6 to the Hurt arms carpark entrance and turn around – we have in the past had someone positioned at the turn around point but with such a defined turning spot I don’t think we need this on the new route – the only person you will be cheating if you turn early will be yourself afterall ……….

There are sections of this route which are dark with street lights not working all along the route so Headtorches would a good idea – the reason we had to stop doing these Handicaps was due to the lack of street lighting and 1 runner did fall and injure themselves so you have been warned !!!

Sorry for the long post but best to try and clearly explain it all

Will be great to get this back in the schedule – hopefully / potentially the first Tuesday every month.

Also I believe Alan is planning on leading an alternative off road headtorch run which he will post seperatly.

Please let me know if you can help out on the night by either texting me 07717175482 or comment on the facebook page.