Changes at Belper Harriers

Hi All
Last night we held a committee meeting to discuss some issues which have been around for some time. I do not intend to go into detail here but suffice to say that we are entering a time of change for the Club.

At the meeting Pete Kemp, Chair of the club confirmed his wish to stand down from the committee (as he intimated he would at the last AGM). Pete has been a stalwart member and Chair of the club for many years and although not as involved of late we still owe him a big debt of gratitude.

Malcolm Weir also advised he wants to stand down and to take less of an organisational role- again Malc is a long serving member and has been the lynchpin of the club for many years- certainly the 12 in which I have been with Belper. Again our thanks go to Malc for all his hard work, and I’m pleased he will still be a member and be around for us going forward.

With these big changes in mind it’s time for us to look at what we need to do. As I have said before this is YOUR club, we need your input, support, enthusiasm and help to keep us going.

I propose to call an early AGM in November where all members can have the chance to discuss the club’s future direction and to help form a new committee to steer it.

Currently Clare (Membership Secretary & Treasurer) and I (Secretary) along with Geoff Stone (who is considering whether to stand down) are the remaining committee and we will keep the club functioning to the best of our abilities. It is however not feasible nor fair to rely on 2-3 people to do everything.

We want to create a larger group to steer the club, spreading the workload so we can all do a small part and still enjoy running- what we all want to do.

Clearly lots to think about- perhaps you would like to take on a role, have ideas for how we could work better and/or have some time to give? I would ask all members to consider the future and how you can help YOUR club be better for YOU.

More info to follow on AGM date etc, please message me direct with any comments,questions etc.

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