Tuesday 3rd November – 5 mile Handicap

It’s that time of the month for another 5 mile handicap run along the A6 this Tuesday ( 3rds Nov )

We have enough helpers now – thanks for those that have volunteered and to those that offered

Meet at the Mill carpark on the A6 side not the Ashbourne road side all members welcome – the aim of this run is to try and improve your own individual time from the previous month – to then be able to use this as a tool to see your progress thru the  winter months.

Rather than standing around in the cold waiting to set of I’ve put the times from last month ( as a reminder of your target to beat ) and also your start time for tomorrow night – if you didn’t run last month then have a look at the times of runners from last month to work out what your start time will be.

We will do our best to calculate the winner on the night – this will be the most improved time from the previous month NOT the first runner back as has been the case in the past – it is impossible to set everyone off with true handicaps so we feel this is the best system to encourage improvement no matter what pace you run at

Start time (time last month)

7.30 – Sarah Vickers (53.14) Laura Harvey (49.35) Lara Alsop (44.49) Stacey Perry (43.54)

7.35 – Toby Irwin-Browning (40.11) Sarah Jackson (42.34) Len Foulk (42.26) Chris Jackson (41.47) Peter Edmunton (39.51) Helena Houghton (39.50)

7.40 – Aaron Akers (35.38) Tim Bournsell (37.49) Steve Meath (37.20) Andy Lenton (36.49) Chris Bradshaw (36.26)

7.45 – James Harvey (33.29) Ben Simmonds (33.30) Lee Drew (34.06) Nathan Fowles (34.57) Dave Horton (33.19) Andy Marsden (33.24) Helen Morley (34.47)

7.50 – Tom Jackson (30.01) Andy Watson (31.55) Marcus Hanford (32.52) Jack Dakin (32.52)

Please bring a headtorch to run as the route is very dark in places