Harriers Vacancies

Hi All
With the AGM Getting closer (17th November) it is time we thought about the structure of our committee/steering group (probably its title too!).

As in my previous post we have had two people stand down from the committee- Malc from his role as Publicity Officer (though his remit went much further!) and Pete Kemp standing down as Chair.

So we have vacancies for a chairperson- someone who can coordinate the club and act as a key focus. Exact details can be sorted at the AGM but I would invite interested members to put themselves forward. They need to be paid up members preferably with experience of the Club and be an active part of the club.

We also need to fill Malc’s role(s) and probably expand the committee anyway- if more people take smaller responsibilities we will all have more time to enjoy the running side of things.

I know Clare has already had a number of people stepping forward to help- we really appreciate it and thank you all, I am sure we can use your skills and experience!

In terms of other roles my thoughts would be a race co-ordinator who can work with a team to set up the DRR, organise the BDL race we are hosting next summer and perhaps help with the Handicaps. Some clubs have men’s and women’s captains- would this be suitable for us? We need someone to organise the programme of specials for winter and summer. We have a lot of varied interests in the club so perhaps a lead for fell running, ultra running and track coaching would help? Club kit is also a regular issue so there is something else for a person to look after.

These are just my thoughts which could give us an outline to fill in at the AGM. I’ve probably missed some things as well!

Please let me and/or Clare know if you want to stand for Chair or want to help with any other role on the new committee/group.

Remember it is YOUR club, it needs your support to work for all our benefit. We cannot rely on 2-3 people to do everything so it is time to share things more fairly and to take advantage of new skills and better ways of doing things.


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