Wilmot Wander legs 3 and 4 – 21st November

This weekends 1st practice run was well attended and good run had by all thanks guys / and gals !!

I’ve been asked to mix up the days of these runs so I will aim to alternate between Saturdays and Sundays , some weekends I will possibley do both as I need to do long back to back runs for another event.

Legs 3 and 4 route involve starting at Duffield and running thru , Quarndon, Radbourne ( check point 3 ) then onto Burnaston , check point 4 is next to Toyota so we cant park cars there so we will run onto Findern Рthe distance will be approx. 12 miles , the forecast for next weekend is to be a lot colder so please dress / kit out prepared for some standing/stopping for route checking  etc as we did this weekend also.

There will be some faff with cars needing to be taken to findern to come back etc , meet at Duffield church car park at 8am and we can then sort out the logistics then depending on who turns up etc.

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