Peat Pits date change

Please note that the date of the Peats Pits fell race club champs race is subject to some confusion.  I’m going to get in touch with David Denton to clarify things, but at the moment it’s looking like the race will be on May 22nd , not 6th September. Stay tuned for further info!

National and Midland Cross Country Entries

Hi All Hope you had a great Christmas and kept up the running!! I have completed registration for the above two events- we have the following runners (so far): Nationals- Donnington Park 27th Feb Andy Nash Rachel Clark Rob Norman Meg McHarg Mark Riches Lily Matthews Nathan Brickman Steve Meath Ben Rhodes Simon Edwards DaveContinue reading “National and Midland Cross Country Entries”

Club Diary now updated to include …

* All training up until British Summer Time (29th March)* Winter Pub Runs (initially January – The Bluebell @ Farnah Green then hopefully March too) * BDL Summer League Dates (provisional) * Full schedule of winter routes which now have routemaps on the menu under "Training / Tuesday Routes" * Dave Denton 1 mile andContinue reading “Club Diary now updated to include …”

Belper Harriers Meeting November 2015- Notes and Important Updates

Hi All Please find attached my notes from the club Extraordinary General Meeting held on 24th November- apologies this has taken a while to publish be there have been a number of events behind the scenes. please let me know of any revisions or glaring omissions! Firstly- the meeting we held was not a formalContinue reading “Belper Harriers Meeting November 2015- Notes and Important Updates”

Wilmot Wander Longer run – 14m this Sunday 20th December

Wilmot Wander – starting to get longer practice run – 14.5 miles This coming Sunday i will be doing another Wilmot Wander practice run , i think the best way to do this weeks it to meet at the church carpark in Duffield at 8am as normal , then depending on numbers we will needContinue reading “Wilmot Wander Longer run – 14m this Sunday 20th December”