2016 Club Championships

2016 will see an increased prominence of championship races in the Harriers’ Race Diary, a regularly updated leader board throughout the year, and the awarding of Mens’ and Ladies’ trophies at the end of the year.

In 2016 there will be 21 races. All results from those races will be collated, but to qualify for the trophy you must complete at least six. Race times will be converted into scores based on the winning time for each race, and dependent on a runner’s age and gender. Each runner’s best six scores will be counted.

To promote entry into local races, and also to encourage participation into club events, to qualify for the champs a runner must complete one off-road race, one RunDerby event and one BDL race, although these events do not have to be included in a runner’s top six scores. A BDL cross-country race can count in both BDL and off-road categories.

Races will only count when entered as a Belper Harrier, so second claim members may not be eligible. We would encourage members to wear their Harriers vests in all Championship races.

For a list of races see the Club Champs page on the Races tab.

There will be further information on a separate Fell Race series and an award to encourage participation in races and club events.

Published by rmayne68

I've been running on and off since my thirties. I did the London Marathon in 2002 and swore I'd never do another one but started again in 2013 and went sub-four at Chesterfield in September 2014.