National and Midland Cross Country Events-teams complete!

Hi All After many issues with the entry system I’ve finally managed to get our teams entered for these events! For info the teams are as follows: Midland Championship, 30th Jan Stafford Common (Senior Men) Robert Norman Steve Meath Malc Weir Mark Riches Ben Rhodes Apologies to those I couldn’t enter due to the systemContinue reading “National and Midland Cross Country Events-teams complete!”

Lakes Running Weekend 2016

From the Men’s Captain : We’re looking to organise a fun weekend of running, drinking, drinking, running, drinking and some more running. (There will be some structure…honest….at least with the running bit.) Proposed dates: September 9th – 11th 2016 Borrowdale YHA – Friday night to Sunday pm. B&B. If you’re interested, we need an idea ofContinue reading “Lakes Running Weekend 2016”