Tuesday night help needed …

Ok folks – Help needed please

Tomorrow night is the Masson Mill Fell race which i will do a seperate post about , there are quite a few harriers hoping to run the race including myself , Alan and i think both our mens and womens captains too !!

But this leaves those around to lead the normal Leisure centre run at a minimum – well currently nobody

Could a few members please come forward who would be prepared to lead the normal run tomorrow night to then allow us to run in the fell race ?

If nobody comes forward then we will have to re-assess the race situation but will be a real shame if out of 100+members we cant gather a few people to lead tomorrow night and allow some of us to also support a local race on the same evening ….

Thanks in advance for hopefully coming forward to help …….

Please comment below or email me clare@amiesplastics.co.uk