Denby BDL Race – Our turn to shine June 6th

Denby BDL – 3rd race of the summer league and it will be our turn to shine, Tuesday June 6th we will be needing lots of volunteers to marshall out on the course , help set up the course before / take down afterwards , time keeping etc etc along with a gardening session during the weekend before the race to trim back any overgrown areas.

We will need some runners too but for this race only anyone who isnt usually a “counter” please volunteer to marshall , family / friends anyone who you can rope into help marsall will be great, as last year anyone wanting to run and provides a marshall in their place etc can run guilt free 🙂

Please email me – to let me know you can help so i can start to draw up a roster.

Marshalls will be needed from 6.30 until approx 8.30 and we’re usually all cleared up and home by 9pm.