Harriers BDL Race Tuesday June 6th

BDL Marshalls / Volunteers / Duties

Thanks to everyone who has offered to help out with the BDL race next week the response when i asked a few weks ago was brilliant.

I need 12 marshall points out on the course, 4 of us time keeping / start /finish and 1 looking after water station at the end.

So the lucky winners are as follows:-

Start / Finish etc – Me , Rob Pearce,John Maddock,Claire Sheldon

Marshalls John Maddock and Claire Sheldon ( who are on 1st 2 points which only last 5 minutes ) then help me and Rob.

Georgie Bestwick,Sharon Kelby,Elaine Ozenbrook,Laura Harvey,Jo Coates, Nathan Brickman, Martin Simms,Rachel Clark

the eagle eyed will notice only 10 names but some marshall points can be done by the same person due to the locations.

Water Station – Anne Downes

If you’ve been mentioned above and now can’t help out next Tuesday please let me know asap.

So assuming no drop outs from above the other 14 vounteers can now run on the night but i will obv need to call on you as reserve if there are any issues………..

Can i also ask that once runners have crossed the line you go back out onto the course – either to help clear the signs etc or clear up dropped water cups etc ….

I will also on the night be looking for a sweeper runner ?