BDL Write up. Thanks Helen!

BDL Shipley Park Write Up

We had a fantastic presence in the last BDL race of the season 24 Harriers braving the elements, it was great to see so many of us at the starting line. I must have had water in my ears as I did not hear the start of the 5.2m gallop around Shipley Park. I must admit as most people know, I am not a lover of the muddy off road runs so this for me was not ideal but we were all in the same soggy muddy boat so it was head down and enjoy the ride.
I am going to buck the tradition of listing the male counters first and start with us ladies, it was noted on the night by some of the boys that we are giving you males a run for your money in the rankings. So, the first three “counters” for us girlies was Ruth Keeley in an amazing 60th place, I reckon wee Ruth did not want her newly straightened hair ruined by the weather so bolted for the finish line in an amazing speed (first lady was 27th position). Our new recruit from the Tri World Hannah Wibberly came in 102 maybe the wet conditions suited her multi discipline training and the third counter was myself in 110th position.
Next for the ladies was Lizzi Nay in 170th position clearly her long distance training is reaping the benefits, followed closely by Lois in 175, number 204 was Sarah Holmes and Sarah Jackson in 241. Another newish recruit was Riva who came in at 246, Clare and Rosemary must have been holding hands over the finish line coming in 273 and 275 respectively and in 293 position was Zoe Clift with a second outing in her Belper vest.
The boys, well marriage has put a spring in Ed’s step as he kept his speedy reputation in tact with coming in first in an amazing 21st place closely followed by Tri Tom who again must have enjoyed the wet conditions. The next three counters were Tom Moulder 46th place with James Hart snapping at his heels to come in at the 48th position, Mark Woodward who I kept in my sight through the course came in at 105th.
The next men finishers were Ed Godber who nearly beat me at the finish line, but not quite and was 111th, solid (but with a glass ankle) Andy Lenton came in at the 146th position and Sean Ollier who I was smiling for England at the finish line was 160th with the injury prone Andy Stubbs just behind at number 174th. The next wave of men was Simon Hackett at 217 with Anthony Marchant at 228, Rob Terry and Tim Callaway were 255 and 277.
All runners represented the club admirably and the atmosphere and the support that the earlier finisher gave to the remaining finishers was brilliant. I for one appreciated James and Co’s shouts of encouragement when I ran the home straight. I will update the Club Leader board once the scores are released by Booths.

Looking forward to seeing you all there for 2018!