AGM 2018 – The Highlights and a big THANK YOU

AGM 2018 – The highlights and a big THANK YOU ……….

So for those that couldnt make last nights AGM what did you miss …….. formal minutes will be on the website in due course but the highlights .

After 2 years at the helm Alan Billington stepped down as Chair for the club – i’d like to both personally and on behalf of the membership thank Alan for all his hard work over the last 2 years which have seen the club both grow and change massively into what the club is today – he hasnt got away with jumping ship altogether as he has agreed to take on the role of Treasuer and will be also helping the new chair with the behind the scenes stuff like kit/website etc …… well i hope he will as your new chair is ……….. ME 🙂

I will do my best to continue to steer the club in the best interests of all the members , fast/slow , young/old , new members/life long harriers , tarmac/mud lovers and short/long distances ……

Please feel free to contact me with any issues or ideas for the club at any time ……… well i say anytime……… within reason 😉

We had some new official roles taken on

Mens captain – David Horton (big thanks to Andrew Nash for the last 2 years)
Membership Sec – Jo Coates
Treasurer/Accounts – Alan Billington

Committee Helpers – (New) Andy Stubbs Lois Linda Helena Houghton

We also agreed to put on the DRR again in 2018 which will need a lot of help from the membership so watch out for posts on that topic very soon.

Membership Fees for 2018/19 – £25 – I will put out a seperate post with more details on this one tomorrow.

We will now have 5 groups on a Tuesday night due to group 3 becoming too large – Pacing of groups to be better managed.

There was also a discusion around changing the start time of Tues night runs to 7am start – whilst this was discussed at length it was decided to keep the time to 7.30pm start.