London Marathon 2018

What a difference a few days make! Today is cool and the endless patter typical rain showers associated with the month of April. Contrast that to the sunny Sunday just gone.

We had a number of Harriers representing the club, Ed, Shaun, Ruth and Rachel and Mark proudly sporting the club vest on that Sunday morning among the 1000’s of other runners that day.

While the rest of us watched the race get started from the comfort of our sofas, for our runners it was time to take in what the London Marathon atmosphere offers from shared nerves to laughter and lots of well wishing. As the start button was pressed by the Queen the elites were let off and then it was a case of trying to spot the bright yellow Belper Harries vest and following the moving dot on the Marathon app. Who knew watching a simple moving dot could be so tense!

The TV presenters and weather forecasters at various points (and later confirmed by the marathon organisers themselves) noted this was the hottest one on record with the crowds and road surface taking the temperatures up to 28 degrees! This writer certainly felt sorry for our runners and didn’t feel jealous at all!

Nevertheless, our club are rightly very proud of all our runners who pushed through their individual pain barriers and that sheer mental barrier and not giving in while others around them wilted and dropped in the heat. Special mention must be made to Ed James who came home in a flying 2 hours and 59 minutes, a stunning time for the conditions but a huge well done to all, everyone agrees you are all superstars!

Finally I must point visitors to the blog posts from two of our runners who put their experience into their own way, give them a read:

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