BDL League Meeting – Members update

Last night i attended the BDL league meeting so i thought i’d feedback some of the discussions from the meeting to keep you all in the loop.

Teversal race – there were issues at the race at the start of the summer league with male runners being caught answering the call of nature in plain sight of young children who were having football coaching at the time – they were caught on cctv – this kind of behaviour risks the venue not being allowed for future races – i’m sure it wasnt any of our runners but just a gentle reminder to please behave in a repectfull manner when attending races.

We were asked to look at our route for the bottle neck issues – i will do this prior to next June

I raised with Wirksworth about the turn around point at Carsington not being brought closer so extending the distance but praised the new wider starting point.

I also enquired about the history of the 11am starting time for the winter league as i know this stops a lot of members attending – i.e it wipes out your whole day – the organisers of the winter races didnt take too kindly to having to set up the races earlier in the day but we did agree to discuss further at the next meeting ………

The balance of the trophies between the genders and also the age categories was discussed and agreed to be looked at (this is something which effects Rosemary Arris-Pratt especially as in her age category only the 1st place wins anything – which is rubbish – in other age categories its 1st 3 places)

Another club raised that they have a new deaf member – a matter close to all our hearts thanks to Andy Stubbs the league agreed we should ensure that the briefings etc should emphazie that the person in front of you on the course may not be able to hear / see etc and briefings will also, if possible be emailed prior to races to enable all relevant info to be passed to everyone – not just those on the front 4 rows who can hear.

The league will now be called the “BDL league sponsered by Derby Runner” – the league is now being supported by Derby runner who have also agreed to set up and admin a BDL facebook group so that information can be more widely available to all runners in an accessible format.

The new Chairman of the League is Rob Jefferies rom Derby Runner – not because he wanted a power grab but because noboby else stepped forward to fill the role – so good on him for volunteering !

The issue of equality of the genders for the “counters” was raised – the smaller clubs are not happy proposals of raising the number of female counters to balance with the men as they can’t get more than 3 women out on occasions – especially for the winter league – this will be discussed again at the next meeting in March – with the possability of 4 male 4 female counters …… as just one of the proposals.

Trent Meadows has been purchased by devleopers – so the next league race there may well be the last 😦

It was agreed all clubs should make a better effort to input the results from the races within 24hours to try and speed up the results being published.

I’m sure there were other things i’ve forgotten but these were the main points