White Hart Handicap run 11/9/18

Tomorrow night we’re back at the White Hart at Bargate – I had hoped to squeeze out one last summer route but i think it’s getting too dark towards the end of the run to complete safely without the use of headtorches so we will start the winter route tomorrow – the route is on the website for those new / ish to the club – this is an all tarmac route but please still consider bringing a headtorch …………

Group 5 will be set off at 7.15pm
Group 4 will be set off at 7.30pm
Group 3 will be set off at 7.34pm
Group 2 will be set off at 7.40pm
Group 1 wll be set off at 7.45pm

All times are approx – if fewer than the 5 groups / pace’s turn up you might – only “might” get away a little bit earlier …….

Free food in the pub afterwards but bring money for drinks.

See you all tomorrow night !