January 10k Handicap Report

10k Handicap On another minus temperature evening on the A6, twenty-four runners took part in the January 10k Handicap.  There were also three other runners just out for a steady run. Out of the twenty-four, Andy Basey and Simon Lloyds did not run off their Handicap times but the remainder ran off their estimated times. Continue reading “January 10k Handicap Report”

10k Handicap Report

In near freezing temperatures and a cold icy wind blowing along the A6 corridor, the thirty Harriers running in the last 10k Handicap of 2011 gave some excellent times and a near course record. The winner of the evening was new recruit Paul Bradley, recording a time of 54mins 20secs but the fastest time belongedContinue reading “10k Handicap Report”

10k Handicap – Results and Start Times for Tuesday

The 10k Handicap Results have now been uploaded for Oct and Nov into the ‘Races’ tab of the website. Runners can also get their start times there by using column M on the results sheet – this shows how many minutes after 19:30 they will start. The start time will be 19:30 on the dotContinue reading “10k Handicap – Results and Start Times for Tuesday”

10k Handicap next week and Xmas Do !

Guys and Gals, Just a reminder that it’s 10k handicap time next week from the Mill. Malc will forward an email out in due course, and there was even talk tonight of some kind of bribery for turning up ?!? And don’t forget – it’s the Xmas Buffet at The Devonshire next Friday (16th) soContinue reading “10k Handicap next week and Xmas Do !”