This weekend roundup in pictures plus what’s coming up…

This weekend was the first of the winter cross country league. The Gazebo, flag, chairs, tea, soup, coffee and cakes were all out in force. Oh, plus one or two Harriers (about 20of us). Results will appear under “results on the web soon in an interactive spreadsheet with previous years and all other clubs onContinue reading “This weekend roundup in pictures plus what’s coming up…”

Parwich Kids Race Tonight – Great Belper Harriers Turnout!

Well, getting on for a third of the kids turnout tonight were from Belper Harriers with the youngest about 5!!! Well done kids for turning out – especially to Ruth who managed to convince Arlo and Finn to race! Some photo’s attached too. Lovely evening with play park and the Sycamore Pub too. Next kidsContinue reading “Parwich Kids Race Tonight – Great Belper Harriers Turnout!”

Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (SLMM) Write ups

Last weekend, 4 of our members in two paired teams took place in this 2 day event around Martindale near Ullswater in the Lake District. Ed James and Helen Brunt tackled the easier “Harter Fell” course whilst Nathan and Alan tackled the harder “Bowfell” course. The name reflects difficulty – not the actual fells thatContinue reading “Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (SLMM) Write ups”

Recent Race Photo’s…

now over in our Race Chat Forum. Here’s a link – lots on there. This is the Forum homepage This is recent posts This is recent topics Got something to add ? Post a comment!!!! This is the best way for Non Facebook users to see what’s going on.