Tuesday Runs


PLEASE NOTE – During the COVID-19 limitations training will be conducted under compliant rules with slightly different times and guidelines – please see this post for details, which will apply until further notice – https://belperharriers.wordpress.com/2020/07/13/tuesday-training-is-back/


Our Tuesday Runs are the backbone of our club training. We typically get 20-40 members turn up with all ability ranges meeting in the reception of Belper Leisure Centre and getting away for 7pm prompt

3 or 4 Ability Groups

If you are turning up for your first time, get there about 650 and get chatting to someone to see “who’s in charge”. It’s typically one of the committee – so please introduce yourself and we can help you get into the correct pacing group for the session. We aim to have 4 groups out typically on Tuesdays but may vary depending on numbers. Groups may set off together for the first mile or so then split off so make sure you pay attention at the split point!


Faster groups will average 7:30-6:30min/mile pace. Slower groups will average 10-12min/mile pace. If you’re not sure what pace you run at – refer to our “Training” section and the “Winter Handicap” – times are quoted there for faster and slower runners so time yourself. Typically ;

  • Group 1 = 7min/mile
  • Group 2 = 8min/mile
  • Group 3 = 9min/mile
  • Group 4 = 10-12min/mile

If even this pace seems intimidating, then perhaps consider turning up for a Jog Derbyshire group first – they operate one in Belper and cater for runners of all abilities.


Distances covered do vary quite a bit week to week depending how flat the route is typically and it’s hardly ever not hilly! The faster groups will run for 1h-1h15 and cover up to 10 miles. The slower groups will run for 1h-1h15 and cover 5-6 miles

What to Bring

  • Armbands – The “snap on” armbands are particularly useful in winter – where them on arm, wrist or ankle and they cost next to nothing.
  • Torches – Again, highly advised. Some people prefer to run with a handtorch, some people prefer to run with a small headtorch. Other things to watch out for are whether they are rechargeable (best) or just take AA batteries (ok but costs money all the time and you may run out). Also, if you plan on doing some of our fully offroad routes then you will need to consider beam pattern and light output. Speak to other club members or see what they are carrying.
  • Money – don’t forget money for chips, sandwiches and a beer after the Summer and Winter Pub Specials too !

Summer Routes 1 – 9 Click image for larger size

Winter Routes 1-6 – Click image for larger size

Winter Routes 7-12 – Click image for larger size