So you’ve looked on the website. You’ve had a look round Facebook too and you still fancy trying us out?

We offer a Wide Range of Ability Groups  – We welcome ALL abilities but the best sessions for you to come to are our normal Tuesday sessions. We try to have a wide range of groups – often 4. These range from Racing Snakes to more Social paces.

Pace The fast group will be going up to 6min/mile and the slower groups will be anything from 12min/mile upwards.

Not sure of your pace ? If you’re not sure what these paces mean then try out our Winter or Summer Handicap routes (see Main menu / Training for more details). Times range from about 30 mins up to 55 mins. If that still sounds like a struggle, then you’re welcome to come along – we will always wait for the backmarkers and will not leave anyone – especially new members. Another local group which caters for slower runners is Jog Derbyshire (link here) who may be a better match for you.

Can I just turn up ? Of course! You don’t need to be a member or even tell anyone that you’re coming. However, please check the club diary (right side of homepage or here)to make sure we are meeting at Belper Leisure Centre (BLC) or Facebook for any updates. Get to BLC about 720-725, say you’re new and you’ll be shown the ropes. If you like us, then why not join the club after a few times with us. Once  you’ve joined have a browse through our club shop for training and race wear.

Check us out online first Turning up to a club as a new member can be quite intimidating. Consider following us on Facebook first, perhaps “follow” our website (link down the right hand side of homepage) to get news straight to your inbox and have a look at our race specific forum here and set yourself up as a member to it later on.

What to Bring on a Run

  • Winter – Many of our Tuesday Winter runs will be on unlit or semi lit roads. In which case between October and March we strongly recommend bringing a torch and something reflective – armband, ankleband, reflective strips or full reflective tops.
    • Armbands – The “snap on” armbands are particularly useful – where them on arm, wrist or ankle and they cost next to nothing.
    • Torches – Again, highly advised. Some people prefer to run with a handtorch, some people prefer to run with a small headtorch. Other things to watch out for are whether they are rechargeable (best) or just take AA batteries (ok but costs money all the time and you may run out). Also, if you plan on doing some of our fully offroad routes then you will need to consider beam pattern and light output. Speak to other club members or see what they are carrying.
    • Money – don’t forget money for chips, sandwiches and a beer after the Summer and Winter Pub Specials too !
  • Summer – Although daylight isn’t a problem in summer, we normally do around 50% of our summer running offroad, so a pair of offroad shoes is preferrable although not essential. If it’s a summer special, then look out for lift shares on facebook and stick some money in for a beer after and / or to offer the driver some petrol money.

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Training – see the Training menu for more, but this is what we offer in a nutshell.

  • Tuesday Runs – These are the backbone of the club. We welcome all abilities spread across 4 groups leaving 730 prompt. 5 miles up to 10miles+ And from 7min/mile up to 10+min/mile.
  • Thursday Sessions – More focused training around Belper typically hill reps or speed work.
  • Winter & Summer Handicaps – Our set routes with slower runners setting off from 715pm (not from BLC), faster runners setting off later with the aim being to all finish at approx the same time with a debrief in the pub after. Results are all up on the results page. Refer to the menu option for more information about pace and winter / summer location.
  • Pub Runs – are based away from Belper (typically within 30 mins drive) and normally 5-9 miles with two routes on offer, starting and finishing at a pub with sandwiches and chips afterwards. Always social affairs, but don’t wear your best shiny trainers ! Less emphasis on serious training, more emphasis on enjoying new scenery.
  • BDL Summer League Races – low key and free. We are part of the Booths Decorators League. Club Vests are mandatory
  • BDL Winter League Races – low key and free. We are part of the Booths Decorators League. Club Vests are mandatory
  • Weekend Local Runs – Arranged informally by members via our Facebook page. Offroad.
  • Weekend Peak District Runs – Arranged informally by members via our Facebook page. Offroad.