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Have a good look through the menu above – especially the “Welcome” “Training” & “Diary” menus. Like what you see ? Then just come along on a Tuesday or Thursday -we don’t bite!

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Tuesday Pub Social run 7.15pm start

Tomorrow night is a pub social starting from the Bear pub at Alderwasley – due to the still possibly fading light we need to set off at 7.15pm rather than 7.30pm so please get there in plenty of time for us to take the food number/orders

£4 per head for food back in the warmth of the pub at the end – you’ll need extra for beer money of course – i will leave the BLC at 6.50pm if anyone would like a lift or other cars to also share ………

2 routes have been sorted with 7 mile and 4.5 mile options

See you all tomorrow night

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Ilkeston BDL – Change of route and venue

Please see the below email / notes about the next BDL race at Ilkeston –


We have been let down at the eleventh hour by our venue ,”The Stute”.
The new Tenants do not now open on a Monday or Tuesday and will not entertain doing so. IRC have therefore been very active over the last couple of weeks finding a new venue


The new route which is approx 5 miles, will start at the bottom of Pewit Golf Course. 40 West End Drive Ilkeston DE7 5GH


There are 60 car park spaces at the Golf Club
Although parking is not restricted on the road we want to ensure that we cause no obstructions to the local residents. We are currently planning having a car park marshal who will advise runners that the car park spaces at the golf club have been filled and direct additional vehicles to the car park at Pimlico DE7 5QB.


This car park has spaces for 131 vehicles and is free after 6pm. It is less than a 10min walk to the Golf Club. The car park and the route to the start is shown on the attached course map


Toilet and changing facilities are available at Rutland Sport Park
Additional toilets are available at the golf clubhouse


The room can only officially accommodate 60 persons ( fire regulations )
We intend to erect our club tent on the grassed area to the side of the clubhouse for the purpose of awarding trophies. We have pre-booked a fine night !!!


The venue is charging £17.55 per hour which should work out less than £70. I hope you will agree to reimburse Ilkeston for this nominal expense


Could I ask you to advise St Johns of the change of venue.


Could you also advise the BDL clubs of this change and of their co-operation in parking as directed by our Car Park Marshal

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London Marathon 2018

What a difference a few days make! Today is cool and the endless patter typical rain showers associated with the month of April. Contrast that to the sunny Sunday just gone.

We had a number of Harriers representing the club, Ed, Shaun, Ruth and Rachel and Mark proudly sporting the club vest on that Sunday morning among the 1000’s of other runners that day.

While the rest of us watched the race get started from the comfort of our sofas, for our runners it was time to take in what the London Marathon atmosphere offers from shared nerves to laughter and lots of well wishing. As the start button was pressed by the Queen the elites were let off and then it was a case of trying to spot the bright yellow Belper Harries vest and following the moving dot on the Marathon app. Who knew watching a simple moving dot could be so tense!

The TV presenters and weather forecasters at various points (and later confirmed by the marathon organisers themselves) noted this was the hottest one on record with the crowds and road surface taking the temperatures up to 28 degrees! This writer certainly felt sorry for our runners and didn’t feel jealous at all!

Nevertheless, our club are rightly very proud of all our runners who pushed through their individual pain barriers and that sheer mental barrier and not giving in while others around them wilted and dropped in the heat. Special mention must be made to Ed James who came home in a flying 2 hours and 59 minutes, a stunning time for the conditions but a huge well done to all, everyone agrees you are all superstars!

Finally I must point visitors to the blog posts from two of our runners who put their experience into their own way, give them a read:

Ruth Keeley –

Rachel Clarke –


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Plastic Cups at Races

Thoughts from Dave Denton…


Last night, the BBC broadcast the daily ONE SHOW and spent the whole programme on the tremendous problem of plastic waste……."soon, there will be more plastic in the seas than fish"!!!!

We are all very aware of the problems of plastic waste and in our won way, I am sure that we all try to be a lot better than in the past. The trouble is that most things that we buy seems to come in ever more layers of plastic.

It crossed my mind that I am guilty of adding to the plastic problem by providing plastic vending cups at most of my events, cups that are then thrown away and end up on a Council landfill site somewhere.

Obviously, many runners need water to help rehydrate after a race but what can I do to help????

1 : I could take the used cups home, wash them and reuse them
2 : As well as everything else runners keep in the sports bages, they could keep a suitable drinking vessel and use it at races. Way back in 1981 when I created the Mansfield Half Marathon, runners were given a commemorative mug as they crossed the finishing line with which they could scoop water from the large water butts we provided.

Here endeth the thoughts of DRD

Enjoy the rapidly approaching Summer and, above all, be happy and content


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Sunday Funday

Today was the popular Derby 10km race, with up to 5000 runners getting involved. With the increase of people now wishing to get involved in marathons and ultra marathons it is always nice to see the 10km still holding its own.

This is probably down to the fact that the 10km is a reasonable challenge for people new to the running game and testing themselves without the strenuous training as required for a half marathon/marathon/ultra and hopefully enjoying it to the extent that they get the running bug!

The 10km is also a challenge for the seasoned runners, always looking for that PB no matter what distance they prefer running! It looks like all the Harriers had a great time though so well done to everyone of our runners who ran,be it your first time or you 10th!

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Results from Teversal event on 10-04-2018 are ready to view

Event results for Teversal.

Belper Harriers results for event:

All results for event:

Belper Harriers team and members league standings:

All teams and members league standings:

You may forward this email to your members or use the links in your own email.

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Midweek reflections

This gallery contains 6 photos.

As we hit hump day let’s reflect back on the achievements of 7 of our Harriers who if you haven’t seen our Facebook page, ran the Manchester Marathon on Sunday and another who ran the Sheffield Half. Well done to … Continue reading