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Relays next week…

Anyone about? Post on FB if interested…
The 6th annual and increasingly popular MALT SHOVEL 3 x 2 MILES RELAY will be held on Thursday 31 August 2017 at 6.30pm. It is for teams of 3 runners from athletic or other sports clubs, families, groups of friends or work colleagues or any trio of runners or joggers.

The venue is the Malt Shovel pub, Oakerthorpe Road, Washgreen, near Wirksworth, Derbyshire DE4 4GS.

The course is half road and half trail & fields and has a slight rise just before the 1 mile point.

The entry fee is £9 for those teams entering in advance – by 09.00 on the day of the race – and £10 for entries on the evening….all payable in cash at the event.

Advance entries can be made by TEXT to 077 47 77 62 33 or e-mail to zz_running_z

Just send :
1 – the Team Name(s)
2 – the team contact’s name, e-mail address and mobile number
Preceded by the word MALT

Your entry(ies) will then be confirmed.

With thanks and best wishes"

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BDL Write up. Thanks Helen!

BDL Shipley Park Write Up

We had a fantastic presence in the last BDL race of the season 24 Harriers braving the elements, it was great to see so many of us at the starting line. I must have had water in my ears as I did not hear the start of the 5.2m gallop around Shipley Park. I must admit as most people know, I am not a lover of the muddy off road runs so this for me was not ideal but we were all in the same soggy muddy boat so it was head down and enjoy the ride.
I am going to buck the tradition of listing the male counters first and start with us ladies, it was noted on the night by some of the boys that we are giving you males a run for your money in the rankings. So, the first three “counters” for us girlies was Ruth Keeley in an amazing 60th place, I reckon wee Ruth did not want her newly straightened hair ruined by the weather so bolted for the finish line in an amazing speed (first lady was 27th position). Our new recruit from the Tri World Hannah Wibberly came in 102 maybe the wet conditions suited her multi discipline training and the third counter was myself in 110th position.
Next for the ladies was Lizzi Nay in 170th position clearly her long distance training is reaping the benefits, followed closely by Lois in 175, number 204 was Sarah Holmes and Sarah Jackson in 241. Another newish recruit was Riva who came in at 246, Clare and Rosemary must have been holding hands over the finish line coming in 273 and 275 respectively and in 293 position was Zoe Clift with a second outing in her Belper vest.
The boys, well marriage has put a spring in Ed’s step as he kept his speedy reputation in tact with coming in first in an amazing 21st place closely followed by Tri Tom who again must have enjoyed the wet conditions. The next three counters were Tom Moulder 46th place with James Hart snapping at his heels to come in at the 48th position, Mark Woodward who I kept in my sight through the course came in at 105th.
The next men finishers were Ed Godber who nearly beat me at the finish line, but not quite and was 111th, solid (but with a glass ankle) Andy Lenton came in at the 146th position and Sean Ollier who I was smiling for England at the finish line was 160th with the injury prone Andy Stubbs just behind at number 174th. The next wave of men was Simon Hackett at 217 with Anthony Marchant at 228, Rob Terry and Tim Callaway were 255 and 277.
All runners represented the club admirably and the atmosphere and the support that the earlier finisher gave to the remaining finishers was brilliant. I for one appreciated James and Co’s shouts of encouragement when I ran the home straight. I will update the Club Leader board once the scores are released by Booths.

Looking forward to seeing you all there for 2018!

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Folks. Dates for these low key informal midweek blasts.

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Pub Social run Tuesday 25th July

Pub social run tomorrow night , meet at the free car park in Rowsley , just after the turning for Chatsworth on the right there is a turning on the left which we’ve prob all driven past loads of times.

Lift shares , lets try and lift share as much as possible , meet at the Leisure centre at 6.45 for lifts / drivers.

2 routes both off road 5.5 and i think 7.5 miles then back to the Grouse and Claret for some chips / beers / soft drinks.

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Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon (SLMM)

“I’ve got a spare place in the SLMM” says Dan, part way into an off road run around Ashover, which was organised by Zach. “When is it”? I replied… “1st and 2nd July” came the answer.

Mmmmm….that’s exactly 3 weeks notice to one of the toughest navigation events in the calendar (so I’m told, but I hadn’t known much about the event before this). Ok I’m not in bad shape, but post-London I’ve porked up a bit and let the training slide. BUT I haven’t got some of the minimum kit requirements, not used a compass in 30 years and (as last years Borrowdale trip confirmed) I’m not too great with off-path running in the Lakes. So what on earth was I agreeing to?

Clearly Dan can be a persuasive bugger…

Ok, so the premise is there are 6 classes of courses for teams of 2 and two classes of solo courses for nutters, each course getting progressively harder due to a combination of greater distance, greater elevation and more tricky navigation between compulsory checkpoints. The competition starts on Saturday morning and finishes on Sunday afternoon after an overnight camp. The event location is only known a week or so before the start and the route and checkpoints only known at the start of the event…so no preparation allowed!

Dan had originally signed up for the Wansfell Class (easiest) but on press-ganging me decided the harder Harter Fell class was in order. All your gear – full wet weather gear/food for 2 days + emergency/warm clothes/tent (for over night camp) and cooking stuff – had to be carried over both days. This amounted to about 8kg in a 30 litre pack in my case…Dan carried the tent so his was heavier…haha

So my intensive preparation consisted of a few runs with a light pack over the Chevin and Crich Chase and some You Tube-based navigation lessons.

We found out the start location – Kirkland on the edge of the western lakes – and so booked B&B in Whitehaven 20min down the road for a bit of luxury the night before. Mmmm interesting place Whitehaven is and luxury is only a relative concept..…anyway pre-race prep consisted of a session in Weatherspoons (beer and whiskey) and chips/curry sauce on the walk back…so business as usual.

Up to now I’d been relaxed about the whole thing but on Saturday morning was a nervous wreck. We had an early start time (8:12) and so the drive to the carpark and the 4km walk from the carpark to the start was frantic and not the best start to the event at all.

The start was on the shores of Ennerdale Water and we got off to a running start to the first checkpoint, after that it was a constant trudge up and up and up. Sometimes on paths and feint trods, but generally off path through heather, bracken and rocky terrain. The highest point amongst a series of fell summits was 2,600ft at High Stile before contouring across and descending to run along the shores of Crummock Water and finally finishing at the overnight camp nears Loweswater village. Luckily the weather was bright and breezy so the temperatures were perfect. As we had finished before 2:30pm there was a fair bit of sitting around the tent drinking warm beer (that had been pre-ordered and delivered to the camp site) and eating a luke-warm crunchy pasta meal. We also met up with Helen who was in good spirits having had a good run in the harder Carrock Fell class (Ed was still in the tent so didn’t see him!).

So after Day 1 we’d travelled 13.7 miles between 9 checkpoints and covered 3,900ft of climb. We were 62nd out of 98 starters – didn’t get lost, injured and hadn’t cried (not outwardly anyway)….so not too bad.

Day 2 dawned and was dry (if a bit drizzly at times) with some low cloud. With all the gear packed away we headed off on the course, which started straight up the slopes of Mellbreak. After traversing more bracken and heather moorland, boggy marsh, streams and summiting several fells we descended towards the finishing tape near Kirkland for a ‘sprint’ finish to the sounds of ‘Come on Belper!’ from Helen and Ed. Clearly they had been at the finish some time before us. Which was even more surprising when we found out Ed had ran the last 3 miles minus one of his shoes…what a legend!!!

Day 2 stats were 10.1 miles, 9 checkpoints and 3,100ft of climb. Finishing 45th meant we had made up a lot of time and this gave us a credible 52nd place overall out of 98 starting teams. 18 teams DNF’d or were disqualified for not getting all the checkpoints. Not bad for a couple of aging amateurs!!

Overall time was 10hrs 24min, adjusted to 10hrs 3min for being old and in the veterans class!

How did we celebrate?……pie, chips, mushy peas and gravy in a Keswick chippy…how else?

On reflection, this was so far out my comfort zone and there were many, many times during the 3 weeks build-up and during the navigation on the unforgiving terrain that I was questioning what I was doing…but in the end this was an achievement I’m very proud of. This was by far the toughest running challenge I’ve faced and has given me confidence to do more of the same. The scenery was wonderful in a corner of the Lakes which was previously unknown to me and consequently was not overrun with visitors.

Dan was great company and I relied on him a lot to make the navigation easier. This made the p*ss- taking and general abuse that he gave in return bearable. On the way back we discussed what class we’d enter next year – Wansfell for a good placing, Harter Fell to beat this years place or Carrock Fell to really test ourselves……..yeah right, dream on.

But Dan’s a persuasive bugger….

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Weekly round up

A busy weekend for Harriers racing in the Hairy Helmet Relay, Trail Marathon Wales, Baslow Boot Bash and the Ripley 10k.

And a big shout out to Nathan Brickman for completing a Bob Graham round over the weekend with several other Harriers supporting, and not forgetting Lilly doing a sterling job supporting the supporters and Nathan

Well done Nathan, that’s another Harrier in the club 😁!!

fb img 1497993785465

fb img 1497993785465

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BDL Race 3: Denby

Apologies for the delay..the latest BDL results show that after our last race at Denby the Men are in 5th, Ladies 7th and Combined team also in 7th.

On the night the chaps came in 6th with Ed (20th), Alex (30th), James (44th), Tom (47th), Andy Marsden (69th), Dave H (78th) and Simon Edwards (90th) making up the ‘counters’.

For the Ladies Ruth (109th), Lizzy (203rd) and Helen B (272nd) made the ‘counters’ and ensured the Ladies finished in 8th.

Overall, the team finished 7th on the night.

Well done to everyone who took part and thanks to Clare and her team for the preparation, organisation and marshalling!

Next one Carsingston on the 18th July.

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