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Have a good look through the menu above – especially the “Welcome” “Training” & “Diary” menus. Like what you see ? Then just come along on a Tuesday or Thursday -we don’t bite!

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AGM, Hollybush, Tuesday 12th Feb

AGM – This years AGM will be held in the back room at the Holly Bush Inn at Makeney – Tuesday Feb 12th at 7.30pm

We will organise a run over there for those that want to get some miles in – obvs you will then need to run back or cadge a lift with someone who has driven.

Please attend this meeting so we can help decide the direction of the club and appoint commitee members for the next 12 months ……

All Commitee posts are up for grabs – so if you feel you’d like to help the club continue to grow and improve think about helping out – we need both official posts but also "helpers" who are happy to come to committee meetings and contribute often in just small ways which helps the club tick over without too much burden falling to just a few same members all the time.

Some offical posts will definatley need filling with new people as a few are wanting to stand down from posts – its best not to say which ones as i’d like to encourage lots of people to step up and volunteer / show interest in any or all posts so we can rotate and not rely on people being stuck in post for decades at a time ….. 😉

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Ilkeston Track Dates for you diaries…

December 20th, January 17th, February 21 and March 21st

Meet 7pm. 1h session. All welcome including newcomers. Contact Malc Rob Norman or Andy Lenton on Facebook for more info

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Creating Fell Running History for Belper Harriers, The British Fell Relays 2018 Grasmere

Around 15 years ago before I joined this club – I was a fell runner. That’s all I did and knew. My first race ever was a Lakes classic – Black Combe and from that moment on – I was completely hooked on the sport.

It’s a tough sport, there’s no denying that – but above all – it’s a pure sport. There’s no super lightweight gear. There’s no new fabrics, no this seasons gear trend, no “in colours” and certainly no carbon fibre.

What there is though is a very humble set of runners who appreciate nothing more than healthy competition amongst the most beautiful scenery the UK has to offer. We frequently pay £5 for a race which pushes us through all manner of physical lows but leaving you on a mental high to enjoy the inevitable descent to the finish before retiring to the local village how to receive a spread of sandwiches and cakes afterwards that would leave the local WI group jealous!

Fast Forward 15 years…


We as a club have only been tackling fell races together for the last 3 years since I introduced our Fell Series to give us a framework around which to plan our calendars together. It’s been a great progression over the last 3 years too as we always travel to races together in cars, often go for a pint after and always have a good bit of banter on the start / finish lines too. We’re seeing lots of new faces too turning up to fell races and that takes me to this weekend…

Over the last 15 years I’ve always wished we could participate in THE team relays. There’s only one, it’s quite simple – and it’s always in October as a finale really to celebrate everything you’ve all achieved as a team throughout the year. You can only send one team per category, but there’s a few categories.  It’s always a changing venue too and this weekend it was Grasmere in the Lakes.

We’ve never got our act together in previous years – often talked about entering but never managed it.  Luckily our Fell Captain Helen had the foresight and picked up on the clubs fell “momentum” early enough to get us entered as 2 teams (male / female) very early on in the year (March?) so that there was no “oh, my diaries full so I can’t make it” type excuses. Forward planning has made this easy.

Helen booked us into Fisher Gill Camping Barn in Thirlmere which is right next to a lovely pub and is only £15 per night. Winner. So for the last few weeks, 12 of us (plus Dan Clark the weekend’s fell mascot – cheers Dan!) have been busy juggling transport plans, fitness strategies, cake baking and maps – yes – lots of maps (see photo’s!). The relays themselves are broken down into 4 legs…

Leg 1 : Solo Julia. Andy

Leg 2 : Paired longer. Sarah & Cat. Alan & Wykeham

Leg 3 : Paired nav. Helen & Wendy. Ed & Joel

Leg 4 : Solo. Rachel. Rich

so that’s how the 6 members per team fits in.

Having now just got back from the weekend, it was exactly what club running should all be about – having great shared experiences together with like minded folk. There was much trepidation before the race and before each of the individual legs with rumours of

“lakeland runners coming back looked like they’d been beaten up”

“races on another level to those we do in the peaks”

“climbs so steep runners were just sliding down them” {we think Julia and Andy jointly made this one up to make them feel better!}

“climbs so steep runners were just sliding down them” {Rachel actually did slide down half of her descent – fact!}

“climbs so steep runners were just sliding down them” {due to a navigational hiccup it seems Helen and Wendy actually did this on their climb!}

“climbs so steep runners were just sliding down them” {Leg 2 had none of this – confirmed by Alan, Wykeham, Cat, Sarah = we just ran down a scrambly ridge at 850m! }

What a great weekend we have all just had putting Belper Harriers on the British Fell & Hill Relays 2018 map. And we’re already looking fwd to next year. Thanks guys

Comments From Ed James ;

Belper Harriers Men’s Team

2018 British fell relays at Grasmere (Lake District)

This event was hotly contested with representations from the best fell teams and runners from across the Isles. Andy Paisley took the first leg consisting an 8k partially marked course climbing steadily to Grisedale Hause and then steeply onto Seat Sandal (736m) before a steep, fast descent back to the event field where he tagged the duo consisting Alan and Wykeham. Their leg headed on a 10k partially marked course straight for the summit of Fairfield (873m) before descending the exposed Cofa Pike towards Grisedale Tarn. It was then back up to Grisedale Hause before a slippery descent back to the field to tag Edward and Joel, to embark on the navigation leg. Maps were to issued to competitors 200m into the leg, after which competitors were expected to navigate between 5 fixed points on the open fell before returning to the transition. The weather (low cloud and drizzel) made things a little more challenging, particularly on the longer legs where route decisions had to be made on featureless terrain. They finished in an excellent 39th for their efforts, covering a distance of around 12k. Richard ran the final leg on a tough, fully marked 7k course to finish strong and bring the team home in a very respectable 89th position overall (239 total finishers). A fantastic, well organised event enjoyed by all.” 

Thanks Ed!

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White Hart Handicap run 11/9/18

Tomorrow night we’re back at the White Hart at Bargate – I had hoped to squeeze out one last summer route but i think it’s getting too dark towards the end of the run to complete safely without the use of headtorches so we will start the winter route tomorrow – the route is on the website for those new / ish to the club – this is an all tarmac route but please still consider bringing a headtorch …………

Group 5 will be set off at 7.15pm
Group 4 will be set off at 7.30pm
Group 3 will be set off at 7.34pm
Group 2 will be set off at 7.40pm
Group 1 wll be set off at 7.45pm

All times are approx – if fewer than the 5 groups / pace’s turn up you might – only “might” get away a little bit earlier …….

Free food in the pub afterwards but bring money for drinks.

See you all tomorrow night !

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BDL League Meeting – Members update

Last night i attended the BDL league meeting so i thought i’d feedback some of the discussions from the meeting to keep you all in the loop.

Teversal race – there were issues at the race at the start of the summer league with male runners being caught answering the call of nature in plain sight of young children who were having football coaching at the time – they were caught on cctv – this kind of behaviour risks the venue not being allowed for future races – i’m sure it wasnt any of our runners but just a gentle reminder to please behave in a repectfull manner when attending races.

We were asked to look at our route for the bottle neck issues – i will do this prior to next June

I raised with Wirksworth about the turn around point at Carsington not being brought closer so extending the distance but praised the new wider starting point.

I also enquired about the history of the 11am starting time for the winter league as i know this stops a lot of members attending – i.e it wipes out your whole day – the organisers of the winter races didnt take too kindly to having to set up the races earlier in the day but we did agree to discuss further at the next meeting ………

The balance of the trophies between the genders and also the age categories was discussed and agreed to be looked at (this is something which effects Rosemary Arris-Pratt especially as in her age category only the 1st place wins anything – which is rubbish – in other age categories its 1st 3 places)

Another club raised that they have a new deaf member – a matter close to all our hearts thanks to Andy Stubbs the league agreed we should ensure that the briefings etc should emphazie that the person in front of you on the course may not be able to hear / see etc and briefings will also, if possible be emailed prior to races to enable all relevant info to be passed to everyone – not just those on the front 4 rows who can hear.

The league will now be called the “BDL league sponsered by Derby Runner” – the league is now being supported by Derby runner who have also agreed to set up and admin a BDL facebook group so that information can be more widely available to all runners in an accessible format.

The new Chairman of the League is Rob Jefferies rom Derby Runner – not because he wanted a power grab but because noboby else stepped forward to fill the role – so good on him for volunteering !

The issue of equality of the genders for the “counters” was raised – the smaller clubs are not happy proposals of raising the number of female counters to balance with the men as they can’t get more than 3 women out on occasions – especially for the winter league – this will be discussed again at the next meeting in March – with the possability of 4 male 4 female counters …… as just one of the proposals.

Trent Meadows has been purchased by devleopers – so the next league race there may well be the last 😦

It was agreed all clubs should make a better effort to input the results from the races within 24hours to try and speed up the results being published.

I’m sure there were other things i’ve forgotten but these were the main points

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Alport Heights Relays 2018

What a great event that was last night for the club – 12 teams comprising 36 runners running round the lovely quiet roads of Alport Heights thanks to David Denton. He’s a few photo’s and results. Great to see old and new members racing alongside each other.


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Barrel Inn Fell Race – Harriers out in force!

“A great turn out of Harriers for tonight’s Barrel Inn Fell Race! A tougher than you think 6.3 mile run which incorporated everything from fields to heather and tracks and trails up steep hills and descending into a dark wood at the end (where I personally slowed to snail pace as was paranoid of break my ankle!). Well done to Rachel for bagging a spot prize and to Ruth for 3rd Lady home!”

Thanks to Andy Stubbs for this write up 💪

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