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Weekend Roundup in photos

Once more for all you non Facebookers…we’ve all been busy this weekend, long and short off-road and very off-road!
* Helen Morley finished 3rd lady at the trail White Peak Marathon
* Rachel and Meg entered the 2h Dovedale Mini MM, which involved running as a pair and collecting electronic points using the map, great fun
* lots out for the Mount Famine fell race which is part of our Fell series
* Kathy also did the White Peak Half after the race here with her husband who marked out the original race with a trundle wheel!
* Trev tackled his first off-road race, the tricky looking Hathersage Hurtle (along with regulars Andy and Helen B). Andy’s review will be on this post later this morning
and finally
* Ian’s back with a bang, attempting to run 26 hilly miles round Dovedale. Write up to follow here …it sounds like his prep was suboptimal!

Andy’s Hathersage Hurtle Exploits.


After yesterday’s tough Mount Famine race in the Peaks with a load of Harriers, I was in two minds as to whether to carry on in my attempt with the 20 mile Hathersage Hurtle today aching as I was. But then though I should man up and get on with it! On recommended advice I thus spent an hour last night shaving my legs (ladies.. need your advice on this as had loads of little nicks!) in preparation to plastering KT tape all over the knees and bad foot to provide some support this morning.

I didn’t know who if any Harriers would be there but it was nice to bump into Trev and Helen (who couldn’t stop laughing at my now impeccably smooth legs!). I had got there an hour before race start expecting a mad queue at the registration marque but actually found it all nice and relaxed which helped me relax, the process was so quick I even had time for a cuppa tea! After a chat amongst me Helen and Trev we were all asking each other what time we hoped to finish in,bearing in mind we are still suffering from our marathons a few weeks ago, we said we’d be happy if we could do it in 4 hours but wouldn’t be surprised if we fell out that time. I personally just wanted to finish what with the state my knees and foot are in!

Come to the start line and like all smaller trail/fell races there was an air of friendly chat (kept my hearing aids in today!) before we were off! Trev disappeared from sight pretty quickly,but me and Helen stuck together at the start until we got our pacing comfortable for us. An early laugh came from a bloke who had to disappear behind the bushes probably only 200 metres in to the start!

Even from that point we were having to face hills, I reverted to ultra mentality and walked up them,I’m not enough of an athlete to attempt to run up them when the race is 20miles long! Me being the stupid dumbass you all know, even though I was hurting from the start decided that I would try and push myself today and see what I could achieve in the first hour and then see if I could match the time to the end. As such i slowly left Helen behind. A lot of the early route was Road or bridleways which I found hard on the knees,especially going downhill as the surface was just so unforgiving. However as most of you will know from running various races in the locality, the views suddenly reminded me why I had got up so early on a Sunday when I could have stayed in bed!

For once I didn’t get any race selfies or pics of the surrounding countryside, I was in my “race zone”! But trust me they were pretty! I had packed my race vest in the morning with lots of the usual fuel,malt loaf,sausage rolls and jelly babies. But I’m very pleased to say this race was marshalled brilliantly with 3 checkpoints being food stations and water points. Don’t know who did the baking but there was enough cake to feed the whole of Britain! Thankfully thanks to ultra training I was more than happy chomping away on some cake and bananas provided,finding that the stations were spaced at the right distance for fuel time.

One other funny event to note on this race,there was a “tractor day out” and before hitting Stanage Edge near Bamford,all of us runners had well over 100 tractors of various ages from ancient tiny ones to the biggest modern ones,driven from a mix of the oldest farmer in derbyshire to one giant machine being driven by a 14 year old girl! Safe to say everyone got lots of waves (plus inhaling all the diesel fumes!) while we traipsed up the longest damn road hill section in the world. I admit there were a few “f**ks” coming from me towards the end as in when will it end!! However, the highlight of this race does have to be Stanage Edge,and even though my time had dropped a bit,I knew that it was pretty much flat on the top (albeit rocky!) and then downhill so knew I could make up time. At this point looking at my watch my competitive side came out (this has cost me many an injury!) I’d made a point to myself that even though I was in agony again at this stage,I was determined to get to the end in under 4 hours.

Cue an even weirder running gait to normal (think mountain gorilla making those noises and that was pretty much me!) and a hard push and before long I was making my way off Stanage Edge and downhill back to Hathersage, Trev was there sat down with Edward who had come along to support Helen ( and the other Harriers of course) which gave me a bit of a boost to trying to sprint finish (imagine your grandad making his way to the bar for last orders,that was me) and finishing in 3 hours and 46,something I was chuffed about but also semi annoyed as reckon had I been fit I could have tried for a sub 3.5 hour time). And Helen? Well she did brilliantly in making up time from when I left her (see,going too fast too soon doesn’t work!) for a sub 4 hour time herself, so think we can all be chuffed with ourselves! We finished the afternoon off with an amazing Rhubard ice cream (best ice cream I’ve had!) before making our way home where I’m currently writing this from my bath. If anyone is available to help me get out then that will be good,otherwise I may just bed here for the night 😑

I’ll finish off with a review that this race is well worth a go, there were lots of inclines and it wasn’t as off road as I thought it would be but for a trail race for that distance you can’t go much wrong. Plus I reckon for the stronger runners in the club,there are some PB’s to be had as the hills are no way near as bad as Edale! The number of marshalling and tape set at regular places also means that it is fairly evident where to run so no worries of getting lost (Trev the exception where he had to wait for someone 😜”

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BDL Summer League: Race 2 – Ilkeston

Another whopping turnout saw 437 runners on the start line at Ilkeston Stute. The second best turnout ever, behind last month’s 454 at Teversall. A near record number of 36 Harriers turned up to run the flat, fast 5.2 mile course organised by our colleagues at Ilkeston RC.

This always promises to be an all-out lung buster and it didn’t disappoint. Vowing not to pick up an injury and walk the last 2 miles like last year, I took it steadyish, hoping to make up places on the run back. Anyway enough of me…the first 7 chaps were Jack first back and running sub 30min to finish in a majestic 22nd place, not far behind in 36th was post-marathon, pre-wedding Ed with Tom just a few seconds behind in a splendid 39th place. Next came James running brilliantly to finish in an impressive 54th, Alex and Zach in great form in 67th and 69th. Our final male counter was Wykeham coming back from an injury layoff in 77th.

Just out the counters was Dave in 78th, which is impressive given his marathon nightmare 2 weeks before. Just over the 100 mark in 107th and 109th were in-form Andy Marsden and Ian Adkin with always reliable Simon Edwards in 122nd.  Also in-form Pete running well in 151st and Rob Norman coming back to form in 163th. Next to finish were the Andy’s – Nash and Lenton in 175th and 178th and Sean Ollier returning to the BDLs after a few years off in 204th – good to see you back Sean. Mark close behind in 207th. Bradders having put his bike down for an afternoon, crossing the line in a not so shabby 242nd Next to finish Andy Stubbs in an impressive post-ultra 270th and Anthony in a solid 281st . Simon Hackett, ever present at the BDLs, was next to finish in just over the 300 mark in 304th followed by Chris and Rob in 362nd and 375th respectively, well done fellas and good to see Chris back after a few years away from the BDL league.

So after 2 races the men are in 4th place, (I think if I understand the new site correctly).

Once again Ruth headed up the ladies team, storming the course to finish sub 35min in 134th place and 5th in her age group. Right behind was Helen M in fine form in 136th and 4th in her age category. Lizzy running, brilliantly at the moment, was the ladies final counter finishing in 251st.

Very close behind Lizzy was Sarah H running very well in 261st and Meg in an impressive 262nd. Next was Helen B, fully recovered from Marathon duties in a very respectable 283rd. Just over the 300 mark were Wendy in 303rd and Sarah J in 309th. Wendy finishing in an impressive 4th in her category and Sarah finishing 2nd out of 3 in the Jackson Household. Seconds separated Rosemary and Zoe C to cross the line next in 338th and 339th, Rosemary coming 4th in her category to ensure silverware a distinct possibility. Our next ladies were Zoe S (395th), Laura (412th) and Emma (418th) running well and supporting the team – well done to you and hope you come back next time for more BDL action!

This great performance ensured 7th place for the Ladies, but not too far from 3rd…again if I read the new site correctly.

The combined team sits in 7th, but not much separates 4th, 5th , 6th and 7th so if we can get the fast boys and girls out for the next race at Denby, while still ensuring we have loads of volunteers to marshal and set up the race, then we can build on this good start to the season.

Once again, if you haven’t tried one have a go, all you need is a vest (and shorts of course).

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Last weeks roundup in Photos

Weekly photo roundup for all your non social media folk out there…

  • Tuesday saw 36 runners turnout to the backbone of our summer runs – the BDL races.
  • Sarah H at the Sunny Sinfin 10k
  • Sharon, Jen and Rachel all smiles after the Derwent Dambuster
  • Everyone welcome at Thursday Hill Reps no matter how many legs you have, and
  • Ed, Helen, Clare and Meg headed up north to tackle the Fairfield Horseshoe fell race.

Keep the photo’s coming in folks!

Nice Summary from Dave Horton “It was a busy weekend for racing, with the Derwent Dambuster 10 mile, the Carsington 7+, the Sinfin 10k and the Holymoorside 10K all tempting Harriers away from their gardening duties.

Nine Harriers ran the Sinfin 10k on a hot, slightly breezy morning. Andy and Jack Dakin, Ruth, Simon, Sarah, John Maddox, Malc,me and Nathan joined the full field of 404 runners. The stress of queueing for parking machines which then broke down, not only damaged our pre-race Chi, but delayed the start for 10 minutes.

Once we were finally off, the short stretch across the grass thinned out the field a little before we headed off along the route of mixed tarmac and cinder. I blamed the cinder and frequent tight bends for adding a few seconds to my finish time, which despite me feeling good, was nearly a minute longer than Derby 10k last month. This theory was blown out of the water by Jack, who ran an excellent race, and smashed his PB.

A flat course, well marshalled, and mostly with fine scenery made for a pleasant way to spend the morning.”

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Denby BDL Race – Our turn to shine June 6th

Denby BDL – 3rd race of the summer league and it will be our turn to shine, Tuesday June 6th we will be needing lots of volunteers to marshall out on the course , help set up the course before / take down afterwards , time keeping etc etc along with a gardening session during the weekend before the race to trim back any overgrown areas.

We will need some runners too but for this race only anyone who isnt usually a “counter” please volunteer to marshall , family / friends anyone who you can rope into help marsall will be great, as last year anyone wanting to run and provides a marshall in their place etc can run guilt free 🙂

Please email me – to let me know you can help so i can start to draw up a roster.

Marshalls will be needed from 6.30 until approx 8.30 and we’re usually all cleared up and home by 9pm.

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Follow up from the AGM…


Please find attached a rather (ah-hem!) belated copy of the minutes from the AGM in March.

The evening was kept as informal as we could ;

* Saul was showing "running form" videos he’d taken earlier in the evening
* Steve provided us with free chips
* All done and dusted by 9pm

There were a couple of issues raised on the night (use of club funds to part subsidise running weekends and the winter handicap route) which were either concluded (weekends) or left outstanding and to be picked up by the committee over the coming weeks (Winter Handicap).

A summary of the minutes for the meeting which includes the accounts for the year can be found on this post from before the meeting.


The committee would like to welcome on board new members EVERY YEAR. This is really important as it stops us becoming stale and keeps us in touch with how we are perceived from a new members point of view (very important!). We’d like to welcome Emma Nicol and Jo Coates on board this year. It’s never too onerous – meet up semi regular in a pub, discuss stuff on messenger, help out if you can – that’s it!


Furthermore, we’ve now gone from having no captains two years ago to having THREE this year! Whilst Andy Nash continues to motivate the chaps we can now welcome Ruth Keeley on board alongside Rachel Clare as womens captains. Great to have you on board Ruth – and if you’ve not been to her Thursday hill sessions – you must do as that’s where improvement starts!


Following the 2 incidents in March involving female runners, a decision has been taken to set up a new private FB group for runners looking to arrange runs but not in a public manner. Only members of the club will be allowed to join so it will give complete confidence for people to show the exact times and whereabouts of their meet locations. Watch this space.

Cheers for now

Alan B

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BDL Race 2: Ilkeston – Notes for runners

Dear all,
The Ilkeston Stute BDL race takes place this coming Tuesday 9th May and starts at 7:30pm

The race is a fast and flat course, with a 2 mile straight, a 1.2 mile loop and a return back to the finish on the 2 mile straight. Total distance is 5.2 miles.

With record attendances we ask that you please car share as much as possible. Car parking is at;

Belfield Furnishings Ltd
Hallam Fields Road

Please be aware that Belfields Furnishings have three sites in Ilkeston, please ensure if using a sat nav that you have the correct address.

Please make sure that you obey the car park marshalls instructions and park sensibly. Last year a couple of inconsiderate driver’s parking almost got us banned from using the site and we are on our last warning. The car park is CCTV monitored and anyone damaging Belfields stock or property will be picking up the bill.

We have secured the use of the Rugby club changing rooms. These are the only toilet facilities for the course. The Ilkeston Stute Rugby Club is on the opposite side of the road to the
Belfield Furnishings car park.

Please note that the start line is over 700m away from the car park and Rugby Club so allow plenty of time to get there.

Attached is the course map. The car park and start line will be sign posted.

After the race you are all welcome to attend the Cross Country Awards Presentation in the bar at The Stute, Ilkeston Rugby Club.

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Borrowdale Weekend – remaining spaces

Right folks – we’ve got a small matter of the Lake District running weekend coming up and there’s about 15 places available now – first half sold out on the night 2 months ago… Three shots from last year. More info? Go to the website and click on weekends to have a look. This year is Fri – Sun Half board at Borrowdale YHA. PLEASE BACS ME 16-60-51 10677730 £30 or go to the club shop and pay £31. Total payable is £60 for 2 nights half board.


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